The BioKat classical Bioresonance devices are medical products and their intended use is the treatment of allergies and food intolerances as well as smoking cessation.

Among other things, the weak magnetic fields effect an increase in attentiveness as well as an improvement in the ability to relax, and thus a principal improvement of the general condition and fitness by stabilizing the vegetative nervous system.

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BioKat Systeme researches, develops, produces and distributes long-term effective and resource saving biotechnologies within the medical-, veterinary- and agricultural application field. The application of these technologies neither causes adverse effects in humans nor in nature. 

Within the medical sector mainly classical bioresonance devices are produced, whereas in the agricultural sector devices producing novel biocatalysts for the activation of biological processes are to be developed. 

The management system of BioKat Systeme GmbH is certified for medical products acc. to EN ISO 13485:2012 by DQS Medizinprodukte GmBH (Frankfurt am Main). All other products are manufactured to the same quality standard but are not part of the certification.



BioKat Systeme manufactures classical Bioresonance- and weak magnetic field devices.

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Basic education is conducted by BioKat System’s therapeutic experts. Further in depth training sessions are conducted by the international physicians association for bio cybernetic medicine (Mühlheim / Ruhr, IAEGBM). In this context it is also possible to earn a „Master of Bioresonance“.

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The classical bioresonance is a non-invasive and according to all previous clinical data, side-effect free method of energy medicine respectively complementary medicine. It integrates elements of homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, reflexology, energetic psychology and further methods of empirical medicine, and combines it with modern biophysics and advanced electronics.

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