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BioKat Systeme GmbH is a German company based in the Black Forest. We develop and manufacture exclusively in Germany. Almost all suppliers are based in the region as well. We place importance on short distances and teamwork. It is part of our philosophy to care extensively for our products and customers. This comprises research, technical development, production and manufacturing technology as well as sales and distribution, education, regular technical inspections and service as well as effective communication with our customers and partners. Innovation, quality, sustainability as well as cooperation, fairness and appreciation are key concepts of our actions. Customer and employee satisfaction are the consequent results thereof.


  • Helpful & Tolerant
  • Healthy & Positive
  • Fair & Sustainable
  • Honest, Authentic & Grateful
  • Friendly & Loyal
  • Powerful & Determined
  • Learning & Growing

Mutual trust, employee development, and advancement are the part of our corporate strategy.


We accompany and provide guidance to alternative practitioners and naturopathic doctors in the planning stages of their practice and enable them to concentrate on what they like to do: to cure people. For this purpose, we offer an exclusive concept for the start-up, consisting of a proven therapeutic practice concept that combines all naturopathic methods with modern energy medicine and has extraordinary successes, a start-up coaching, financial assistance, personality training, tax advice and accounting service. In other words, everything you need in the start-up phase. In short, we motivate our clients to earn a living with what is their passion and vocation. We take care of the time-consuming duties, so they can concentrate on the essentials. To this end, we work together with renowned partners who are specialists in their field. We commit ourselves to guide our customers to success in this exclusive program.

Abroad, our methods are becoming the standard for a medicine without side effects. We train our partners worldwide, to ensure that the users of our products are able to successfully treat their patients’ complaints. Furthermore, we continue to advance research, initiate clinical studies and find partners all over the world.

With further products that only have the desired effect but no side effects, we are establishing energy medicine in the general public. The time for products without any side effects originating from energy medicine has come. We introduce these types of products into the mainstream. A primary product is the Life Tuner W®. It can boost people’s performance and self-determination in both their professional and personal lives. Over the next few years, executives will use the Life Tuner W® as naturally as they use their mobile phones today and thus achieve their optimal individual work-life balance.


“Everything that is against nature cannot survive in the long run.”   Charles Darwin

We have the Vision of a Healthy World.

This means a sustainable approach to nature, the resources which are provided to us and our own health. To this end, every person must assume more personal responsibility. For us, responsible conduct also implies avoidance of chemical drugs and drug abuse.

We are working for a future in which naturopathy is on par with conventional medicine, in which our water is free of drug residues and multiresistant germs and in which worldwide the cause of a disease is treated and not only the symptoms are suppressed with drugs. As a result of our work, the chronification of diseases is prevented and people are enabled to work efficiently, be self-determined and also protected from modern diseases of civilization until old age. All our activities are in harmony with nature and our environment.

Quality Management

The management system of BioKat Systeme GmbH is certified for medical products acc. to EN ISO 13485:2016 by DQS Medizinprodukte GmBH (Frankfurt am Main). All other products are manufactured to the same quality standard but are not part of the certification.

Our History

Discovery of transmission of drug information by Dr. Franz Morell and Erich Rasche


First bioresonance device
developed by Erich Rasche


Market launch MORA III


Market launch MORA Super


Cooperation Dr. Michael Galle and Erich Rasche


Start of the cooperation between Erich Rasche and his nephew Andre Rasche


Foundation of BioKat Systeme GmbH by Andre Rasche and the long-standing research partner Dr. Michael Galle


Market launch BioKat M III


Market launch BioKat M V


Market launch Software S I


Life Tuner W®


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