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Biokat Systeme

BioKat M V

The BioKat M V is ideally suited for any practice. With two therapy channels, acute and chronic energy blockages can be cured within a short time. With more than 150 fixed programs as well as customized adjustment options, a wide variety of forms of energetic burdens can be eliminated. Digital substances may be applied to both therapy channels with the S I software.

Biokat Systeme

BioKat M III

The BioKat M III impresses with its classic retro design. The single-channel device is particularly suitable for longtime therapists and veterinarians. The BioKat M III offers more than 75 fixed programs for the treatment of various forms of energetic burdens. The various adjustment possibilities allow for individual and thus optimal therapy settings. Digital substances can be used with the BioKat M III via the S I software.

Biokat Systeme

Software S I

As accessory, the software S I offers innovative testing and therapy options for the medical products BioKat M V and BioKat M III. It serves to store patient data and guides the user through determination of the energetic state and the substance test with subsequent energetic therapy. Approx. 22,000 substances for energetic testing and therapy are digitally stored in the software.

Software S I


For both devices there is a multitude of fixed programs for the different forms of energetic burden. The fixed programs are stored in the BioKat M V and BioKat M III devices and are the result of more than 40 years of therapeutic experience. The therapy channels each feature an interface to the S I software, which additionally expands the test and therapy options with its database of stored digital substances.

Duration of application

Depending on the nature of the symptoms, a therapy administration takes 10 to 30 minutes. According to the patient’s symptoms and energetic condition, five to seven therapy sessions are required. The therapy may be completely delegated to practice auxiliary staff. Since this form of therapy was included in the Hufeland Society’s list of services due to the good results, the patient’s costs are covered by many private health insurance companies.


Basic education is conducted by therapeutic experts of BioKat Systeme. Furthermore, specialists from all over the world offer additional advanced seminars.



The costs for the system vary depending on the individual requirements and areas of application. A BioKat therapist will be pleased to help you determine which device and which accessories are most suitable for you. Just contact us, and one of our sales representatives will get in touch with you. Our sales representatives are not traditional salesmen but have profound medical qualifications and work with our devices in their own practice. Hence, you’re talking therapist to therapist.

Our objective is to provide competent advice and knowledge right from the start.


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