Software BioKat S I - Biokat Systeme

The software S I consists of a patient administration for documentation of the recorded EAP measurement values and the implemented therapies. Within a test module the user is guided through the sector measurement, the EAP measurement and the EAP substance test. Furthermore, it guides the user through the therapy module. The software is optimized for application of the energetic condition monitoring and causal test with subsequent energetic therapy.

In addition, bioactive substances such as allergens, medications and many other therapeutically significant substances are stored electronically in the software. The individual substances were digitalized using a specifically developed device according to the latest technical capabilities. The effect of an electronically stored substance on humans has been proven in studies and cannot be distinguished from an original substance. Due to the successive registration restrictions of complementary medical preparations, this substance database is becoming increasingly important. This database contains many substances that can no longer be purchased but are of inestimable value for therapy (e.g. special nosodes).

The software S I is an accessory for the medical products BioKat M V and BioKat M III.

Biokat Systeme

Patient data management

Any changes to the master data in the patient documentation can be saved directly in the database. The history of the patient is clearly displayed in the lower area. The session name can be freely assigned.

Biokat Systeme

Sector measurement

Visualization and documentation of the energetic situation of the body’s quadrants.

Biokat Systeme

Documentation of the EAP measurement

Visualization and documentation of the meridians’ energetic situation.

Biokat Systeme

Geopathy test

Test for geopathic burdens with integrated detoxification program.

Biokat Systeme

Substance test

Substance database with approx. 22,000 entries for energetic testing and elimination of e.g. allergies and many other burdens as well as for the transfer of remedies such as homeopathics, isopathics, nosodes, Bach flowers, organ preparations and many more.

Biokat Systeme


After starting the substance transfer the electronic substances are enabled at the input of channel I and channel II of the BioKat BIT device. The type of therapy (the therapy program) is directly adjusted on the therapy device.

For the therapist’s documentation and as information for the patient, an overall test, a single test or comparison measurements can be stored in PDF format, and then be printed via a PDF reader.

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