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What is bioenergetic information therapy?

The bioenergetic information therapy (BIT) is a non-invasive method of energy medicine which has – according to all previous clinical data – no side effects and which integrates elements of homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), reflexology and further empirical treatment methods and combines them with modern electronics and biophysics. Based on the laws of physics, it is a modern and gentle therapy method for the energetic treatment on the bio-field body level.

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Who can receive the therapy?

Up to now, the bioenergetic information therapy is applied to male and female children and adults without side effects.

Who applies bioenergetic information therapy and in which diseases?

For over 35 years, bioenergetic information therapy has been used by alternative practitioners and naturopaths from various medical specialties (internal medicine, ENT, pediatrics, dermatology, allergology, dentistry, orthopedics, gynecology, urology, veterinary medicine). The method is applied by therapists in allergic diseases, food intolerances and incompatibilities, rheumatic diseases, obstructive respiratory diseases, lymphatic therapy, chronic infectious diseases, pain of various types and causes, psychosomatic diseases, anxieties and phobias, addictive disorders and the removal of harmful substances.

Is this method scientifically proven?

In the meantime, broad empirical knowledge and quite a number of positive scientific clinical studies in several indication areas are available for this innovative form of therapy. Its efficacy is substantiated by a large number of positive biological scientific studies. However, it has not yet been approved by conventional medicine in Germany for any clinical indication (no statutory health insurance reimbursement). Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that, in a legal dispute, the Munich Higher Regional Court decided on 14 May 2009 (file number 6 U 2187/06) that patients, therapists and the general public may be legally informed that allergies can be tested and treated painlessly and without side effects with this therapy method .

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The intended use and thus the scope of application for our medical products is the treatment of the symptoms rhinitis, bronchial asthma, eczema and urticaria in mild and moderate forms of allergic disorders and intolerances as well as smoking cessation. Furthermore, it is possible to determine the energetic situation of a patient, treat him individually on this basis and thus balance his energetic body harmoniously on a deeper level.

The application of the therapy is very simple and also delegable to auxiliary staff.

With the BioKat BIT device, a simple, standardized and very successful treatment of allergies and intolerances is possible for children and adults without any side effects.

At the same time, it is irrelevant what the complaints are: in a great many cases, a treatment of known allergies e.g. to pollen (hay fever), food or food additives, intolerance of known food such as lactose or fructose is successfully accomplished with this method. A retrospective practice study of Dr. med. Eckart Herrmann with 935 patients which was published in a scientific journal confirmed the previous study results.

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With the BioKat BIT device a simple, standardized and effective smoking cessation therapy is possible without side effects and with only a few treatments. This has been proven in several clinical studies with thousands of participants. A placebo-controlled, double-blind study published in a scientific journal confirms the study results.

Dr. Michael Galle from BioKat Systeme initiated, co-designed, scientifically supervised and published this study. It was conducted at the Medical Faculty of the University of Istanbul.

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A two-day introduction to the scientific and therapeutic basics as well as the operation of the BioKat BIT device enables every novice to subsequently use it in his practice. A two-day advanced course provides extensive knowledge for advanced participants. Medical counseling by experts in practice workshops or via hotline provides the BIT therapist with further confidence in application. In cooperation with doctors, BioKat also offers a quarterly quality circle with interesting subject-specific lectures and supervision of patient cases. Furthermore, specialists from all over the world offer additional advanced seminars in which interested participants can further deepen their knowledge.

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