BioKat Systeme GmbH is a German company based in the Black Forest. We develop and manufacture exclusively in Germany. Almost all suppliers are based in the region as well. We focus on the importance of short distances and work in a team. It is part of our philosophy to care extensively for our products and customers. This comprises research, technical development, production and manufacturing technology as well as sales and distribution, education, regular technical inspections and service as well as effective communication with our customers and partners.

Innovation, quality, sustainability as well as cooperation, fairness and appreciation are key concepts of our actions. Customer and employee satisfaction are the consequent results thereof.

Our Values

transparent – approachable – humane

innate – intuitive – interlinked

efficient – effective – operative

This results in mutual trust and assumes the joint growth of customers and employees.


I, Andre Rasche, CEO of BioKat Systeme, believe in a world where therapies have no permanent side effects and offer genuine healing. A world in which we treat our resources sustainably and our planet earth judiciously.

That is why we at BioKat think differently and get to the bottom of things to find the underlying cause and treat it.

For only by treating the cause true healing can be achieved. This way of thinking determines our daily actions and reflects in everything we do and how we do it.

For technical customers we offer the possibility to develop medical- or wellness products and manufacture them on their behalf.

With our certified production our customers can resort to the existing know-how without the effort of establishing their own accredited production. This way we can also offer start-ups in the health care sector the possibility to enter the market faster. We understand ourselves as partners and consultants and accompany our customers from the initial idea to the finished certified product.

We offer naturopathic physicians and alternative practitioners products that meet their individual needs and result in the relief of their patients’ complaints.

Our products help health-conscious people to increase their performance, set self-healing potentials in motion and increase their self-determination, both in their professional and private lives.


Charles Darwin



This means a sustainable approach to nature, to the resources which are provided to us and to our own health. To this end, every person must assume more personal responsibility. For us, responsible conduct also implies avoidance of chemical drugs and drug abuse.

We are working for a future in which naturopathy is on par with conventional medicine, in which our water is free of drug residues and multiresistant germs and in which the cause of a disease is treated worldwide and the symptoms are not merely suppressed with drugs. As a result of our work, the chronification of diseases is prevented and people are enabled to work efficiently, live self-determined lives and are also protected from modern diseases of civilization until old age. All our activities are in harmony with nature and our environment.

Quality Management

The BioKat M V is certified according to Directive 93/42 EEC (Annex V of the Council on medical devices by DQS Medizinprodukte GmbH Frankfurt am Main). All other products are manufactured to the same quality standard, but are not part of the certification.

Our History


Discovery of transmission of drug information by Dr. Franz Morell and Erich Rasche


First bioresonance device
developed by Erich Rasche


Market launch MORA III


Market launch MORA Super


Cooperation Dr. Michael Galle and Erich Rasche


Start of the cooperation between Erich Rasche and his nephew Andre Rasche


Foundation of BioKat Systeme GmbH by Andre Rasche and the long-standing research partner Dr. Michael Galle


Market launch BioKat M III


Market launch BioKat M V


Market launch Software S I


Life Tuner W®


Life Tuner sleep and Life Tuner knee